June 14 2015 - Downsview Park
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Your Team. Three Sports. One Day.

The MLSE Team Up Challenge presented by Ford is a unique, multi-sport tournament where teams of 8-10 players compete in basketball, soccer, ball hockey, beach volleyball and beach dodgeball.

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Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips
Company Donation and Matching Programs

There are some companies that offer matching gifts programs. Ask your company if they’ll make a corporate donation to your effort, or perhaps they’ll sponsor a fundraising event for you.

Expand Your Circle

Don’t underestimate the use of social. Post your participation on your Facebook site and tweet about your progress on Twitter.

Follow Up

If you don’t receive a response right away from someone you’ve asked for a donation, don’t fear—follow up! Send a quick reminder to ensure that they received your request and/or haven’t forgotten.

Fundraising Tips

Think about events—garage sales, barbecues, card nights, car washes. Or, set a side a day or two for a well-publicized neighbourhood bottle drive.

Any of these activities, with planning and good publicity can quickly drive up your fundraising total.

Host a dinner party for friends and family and ask for a donation in return! At your dinner party explain what you’re doing and why supporting MLSE LaunchPad is important to you!

Fundraising Tips
Your Potential Donors

Sit down at the computer and make a list of your potential donors: family members, friends, neighbours, teammates, work colleagues. Go through your address book and include the professionals you deal with—maybe your doctor, dentist, mechanic, dry cleaner.

When asking people for donations, you are not being selfish, you are giving donors the opportunity to support MLSE LaunchPad and help youth facing barriers recognize and reach their potential. 

Get those letters or emails sent out as soon as possible and start fundraising today. There are easy-to-use sample fundraising letters in your online profile. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your goal and stay positive—you’ll get there!

Fundraising Tips
Enhance Your Fundraising with Social Media

Use a creative way of communication to spread the news about your online fundraiser and build enthusiasm. By using a creative form of communication, like a fundraising video, can help you to connect better with your donors.

A video can also help build enthusiasm because it’s more personal and can express emotion better than a letter.

Take full advantage of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to fundraise. By expanding your voice you are able to reach more supporters and in return gain more donations to your cause.