June 8 2019 - Cabana & Polson Pier
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Your Team. Three Sports. One Day.

The MLSE Team Up Challenge presented by Ford is a unique, multi-sport tournament where teams of 8-10 players compete in basketball, soccer, ball hockey, beach volleyball and beach dodgeball.

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Jerome & Nafissa

Jerome is a member of the front desk team who started working at MLSE LaunchPad in June 2017. While working at MLSE LaunchPad, Jerome completed his degree in Social Work at Ryerson. Through the MLSE LaunchPad network, Jerome became connected to an organization called Peacebuilders Canada, who we’ve partnered with to run a restorative justice program at MLSE LaunchPad. 2 months ago, Peacebuilders was looking to grow their team and Jerome landed a job as their Youth Diversion Coordinator. Jerome still works part time at MLSE LaunchPad, but now also facilitates programming for Peacebuilders at MLSE LaunchPad on Tuesday nights. We couldn’t be happier to see him grow into a new role that is still connected to our space.
Nafissa started out as a member of the front desk staff team at MLSE LaunchPad back in February. At MLSE LaunchPad, Nafissa developed her passion for working in a community setting, and became a mentor to youth at MLSE LaunchPad. Through the MLSE LaunchPad network, Nafissa had a window into another one of our community partners: Pathways to Education. Pathways to Education creates positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education. Through her time at MLSE LaunchPad, Nafissa recognized her passion for building capacity in youth. Nafissa recently landed a job at Pathways as a program facilitator, running their after-school youth programs in the Regent Park Community. Although no longer with us, we are proud that our staff have been able to use MLSE LaunchPad as a stepping stone into roles they are passionate about.
Our ‘Ready For Work’ pillar is so much more than just running employment programs. MLSE LaunchPad has been a place for staff to learn, grow, and - in some cases – move on to exciting new roles. Seeing my team develop & find new opportunities through MLSE LaunchPad has been one of the most rewarding parts of the job! 

- MLSE LaunchPad team
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